Allen Engineering Contractor Inc. Keeps Its
Philosophy Simple

  1. Listen, understand and identify the client’s needs.
  2. Provide our clients the best product and services for the best possible value.
  3. Build and maintain a highly regarded and respected name within the industry.
  4. Continue to expand and maintain a reputation of excellence, quality workmanship, steadfast performance and customer care.
  5. Provide a safe work environment for our team members and our clients at all times.
  6. Create a unique, secure and growth oriented work environment for our team members which will facilitate continuous improvement, stability and long term success.
  7. Never sacrifice our philosophy for the sake of price.

Allen Engineering Contractor, Inc., is committed to being leaders in our industry with innovative ways to meet client needs. Insuring the client receives the best possible product, we are devoted to providing the highest quality products and dependable service to our customers.

We treat each of our customers with the highest respect and are responsive to their needs.We have a reputation of reliable service and a willingness to work with our clients to ensure that their projects are completed to their satisfaction while trying to exceed our client’s expectations.

Allen Engineering Contractor, Inc., is dedicated to providing a professional environment within all aspects of office and field areas. Our team members are highly qualified office and field personnel to ensure quality management, performance and a quality product.
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