AEC does not compromise safety under any circumstances. The company has implemented extensive policies, procedures and incentives designed to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, subcontractors and customers. AEC believes our personnel are our greatest asset and places the safety of personnel as our number one priority.

AEC also performs random drug and alcohol testing on all employees and is certified by the Federal Department of Transportation Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Workplace Testing Program. Allen Engineering's corporate goal is to protect the health and safety of personnel by preventing all accidents. These figures demonstrate AEC's commitment to constant self awareness, learning, and improvement of our safety program. By increasing Safety, AEC is more competitive. Reducing liability improves productivity, creating more savings that can be passed on to the government.
Safety Awards Received

In 2007, Allen Engineering Contractor, Inc. received a Certificate of Recognition for active participation in the Safety Sam network of safety-minded contractors and for commitment to OSHA compliance. In 2008, Allen Engineering Contractor, Inc. received a commendation letter from Benson & Associates Loss Control, Inc. for outstanding safety compliance following a visit to AEC's project sites located at the U.S. Naval Hospital in San Diego, CA. In 2008, AEC has received two NAVFAC STAR awards for Safety from both the Yuma ROICC and MCRD ROICC offices.
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Corporate Safety Officer

AEC's Corporate Safety Officer (CSO) is a retired Army EM-385-1-1 safety specialist. Mr. Joe Sherman, CSO, reports directly to the President of the firm and has jurisdiction over all AEC construction projects. Each jobsite Safety Manager is accountable to Mr. Sherman for guidance, reporting and training. Mr. Sherman discovers and implements cutting edge safety technology and training for all AEC personnel working in the field. As Corporate Safety Officer, Mr. Sherman ensures all personnel, including project Superintendents and Safety Managers have completed all required training, including: OSHA 10 Hour and 30 hour, EM 385-1-1 40 hour, first aid and CPR training, and have the appropriate level of Safety Certifications required per each project's specifications. Mr. Sherman physically conducts periodic monthly "on site" safety audit at AEC job sites. The audit consists of a standard safety inspection of all sites, performed according to a critical items checklist provided by NAVFAC. All construction work sites are validated and scored according to corporate and government safety standards. The results are posted for all employees to "learn from the mistakes of others and to learn from the good ideas of others" in our monthly Corporate Safety Bulletin. Each Safety Manager reports to Mr. Sherman, and is responsible for certifying that all workers are aware of proper safety procedures. Daily tail-gate safety training sessions are conducted by reviewing the Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) and Best Management Practices (BMP's) to ensure all employees understand the particular dangers and hazards of the work in progress and that all site workers are familiar with safe operation and handling of equipment and materials ensuring all work is implemented in complete compliance with all U.S. Department of the Navy safety and health requirements as well as the USACE. Any task the Safety Manager observes being performed in an unsafe manner or without appropriate safety precautions is halted immediately until proper safety procedures can be instituted.

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